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James Dean Alspach
James Dean AlspachU.S. House 9th Congressional District of Indiana


  • Licensed Indiana high school teacher interested in decreasing the incidence and severity of school shootings with dispute resolution classes and student government involvement including student courts with elected student judges and lawyers, social involvement including required extracurricular activities, advanced vocational and technical career education to recreate manufacturing and support pensions like social security and benefits like health insurance and medicare, decrease the sex-role stereotypes in all pathways to independent living to stabilize the rapid phase of global economic development, and nutritional and fitness education and support for normal growth and development including educating adults and incentivizing the food economy from producers to processors and marketers.

  • Indiana Army National Guard M*A*S*H with military science and intelligence officer specially trained in weapons of mass destruction including nuclear, biological and chemical warfare with mass casualties serving in air ambulance evacuation, triage at batallion level, and field surgical hospital. Let’s increase the role of civilian soldiers and improve our defense posture against nuclear, biological and chemical weapons with international diplomacy and decrease weapons proliferation and limit the severity and incidence of hostile exchanges. Let’s promote peace through economic development and prosperity.

  • Political Science BA degree in one of the nation’s top 10 academically strongest programs with a cutting edge women’s studies curriculum achieving Dean’s List. Writing for the school paper, volunteering in homeless shelters and at a home for para/quadraplegics, working in a state senator’s office, polling and analyzing data using statistics and demographics studying the African American voter, women’s voting and political behavior, world history of the women’s movement including Stalin’s feminism and militancy and economic determinants of political behavior and social destabilization.

  • Purdue University College of Agriculture Honors Biochemistry Dean’s List and Phi Betta Kappa Honor Society and Golden Key Honor Society, interests include genetics of immunology and AIDS in Entomology research, Eli Lilly grant to research AIDS pharmaceutical compounds, discovery and invention of a surgical adhesive with technology sale to Methodist Hospitals of Indiana, USDept of Energy ethanol research grant.

  • Southern Illinois University School of Medicine with honors in immunology.



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