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Issues that make an impact

With my extensive medical background including medical school and addiction medicine continuing medical education, M*A*S*H surgical hospital military service, and medical research at Purdue University, I have well-formed opinions on healthcare issues and I’m ready to legislate.  First, let’s change the focus:  expensive testing leading to extensive treatments just keeps piling up the medical bills.  If we educate an entire generation to remain healthy by preventing illnesses like AIDS, heart disease, diabetes, and consumption related disorders from alcohol, drugs, smoking, overeating, etc. we can afford healthcare for everyone.  Step one:  health education for everyone, especially children who get full medical coverage, to prevent illness in an entire generation while keeping treatment focused Medicare as is for seniors.  Step two:  treat consumption related disorders with cures.  Drug and alcohol addiction, smoking, even morbid obesity are all preventable, treatable, and curable with already proven medical models.  Even opioiid addiction can be treated with receptor blockers so that the drug no longer makes you high and so you’re not addicted.  The cycle of prescription drug addiction leading to illegally obtaining prescription drugs and switching to cheaper heroin is easily broken at many levels of intervention.  Heroin is dangerous because it’s so cheap, only $8-$10, and drug dealers add fentanyl in very small amounts to give their dope a kick and keep users coming back.  The problem is that sometimes they add too much narcotic and the user overdoses.  Narcan can stop opioid overdoses from fentanyl, prescription painkillers, and heroin and the US Surgeon General’s latest warning is to keep an overdose kit with fentanyl close by.  Step three:  copay and deductible insurance to cover the out of pocket expenses associated with Medicare and private insurance so that people will use their insurance to stay healthy and get treatment.  Step four:  research for cures to every disease including AIDS, HIV and all viral illnesses including adenovirus infection, the common cold and the most common sexually transmitted diseases, influenzas, herpes I and II, genital warts, zika virus, rotavirus which kills 1,000,000 children annually, and research for immunizations to prevent infectious diseases which cause autoimmune diseases like arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosis, and others.  Step five:  universal healthcare insurance including major medical and any elective coverage chosen in a system where premiums fluctuate from month to month with money in equal to money out.

My interests

My interests include serving on the US House Science, Space, and Technology and the Education and Workforce Committees where I will rebuild manufacturing in the United States by focusing on modernizing what exists, by replacing what has been lost, and by creating what is needed.  Our national economy has been driven by innovations like steam engines, air travel, internal combustion engines, electricity, computers, medical treatments, space travel, etc. and biotechnology including genetics promises another major uptick, and we need to encourage our inventors with protections and economic incentives and train engineers who can build the new ideas.  Let’s put a space port in the district to send and receive cargo and let’s educate a new generation of technologists to make it hum.  Let’s put our children in safe schools where school shootings do not exist because they have been trained to resolve conflicts diplomatically and to settle disputes with the student government.  Let’s prescribe nutritional support for healthy growth and development of each child individually including balanced neurochemistry, micro/macronutrients, and socially encourage each student with interesting activities outside of the curriculum.  School is more than cognitive development and every child needs a place to fit in.  Vocational and career training free from the sex and race role stereotyping will dip a new generation in gold to support Medicare, Social Security, and private pensions, insurance and other assets contributing to the building of a pool of wealth like previous generations dreamed of and made happen.  Housing construction technology has advanced to become green energy producing/conserving with a lifespan of over 1000 years, able to support a 300 year mortgage with only 0.5% interest.  Let’s educate green technology and runway builders to develop quickly the emerging global economy and escape the imported fossil fuel trap which created our national debt as we build pools of wealth around the world.

Wealth without defense is fool’s gold.  If you produce economic assets abroad, they must be defensible. We must improve our national defense posture in these ways.  First, disperse our troops.  Our system of forts is not an effective defense against powerful, computer guided missile systems.  Even the Pentagon proved vulnerable to the most primitive type of attack and terrorism remains a first order threat.  Our military bases with their hospitals and basic services are the world’s largest healthcare system and will continue to serve their communities in other capacities like state militia training, natural disaster response, rehabilitation services, international troop training sites, homeless shelters, group homes, retirement communities, and the list goes on, but they cannot be our first order of defense because of their vulnerabilities.  Civilian population centers including national guard and reserve armories are possibly much better places for our troops and many of them may also be encouraged to seek civilian employment and become part-time soldiers.  Second, develop the technology needed to defend us.  Biodefense is a complicated issue that includes prevention, rapid diagnosis, containment and effective treatment but essentially nothing exists to protect us from the most deadly attackers.  I want to develop that defense capability using my knowledge of microbiology and genetics and military science.  Conventional weapons’ systems must be the major focus of our defense because weapons of mass destruction are unusable and only ensure our own destruction.  We need to develop our conventional weapons capabilities.  The technology for cyber security must also be developed and I think the military is one of our best options to a failing privatized system.  I favor the development of a new cabinet level position, the Secretary of Information Technology, to facilitate the upgrading of our defenses and our governments at all levels: federal, state and local.  If the new system proves effective in the first order, it will surely serve private interests that will be protected economically.  Third, make each buck give us a big bang.  Sell unserviceable and outdated assets to allies who might be happy to fly depressurized from an aging carrier in order to help America’s foreign influence without proliferating weapons systems that are uncontrollable by embedding control systems.  Reduce the risks of collateral damage to our society from our current force projection opening new options for our future that include a rapidly expanding and increasing emphasis on diplomacy, arbitration of disputes, and judicial solutions if elected by the international parties.  Diplomatic agencies need to be deeply entrenched in areas of intense conflict like the Middle East where economic development will stabilize so that disputes can be handled in civil ways.  I’m willing to consider building a UN high rise on the border between Israel, Gaza, and Egypt with a highway across Jordan into Syria, an economic corridor, between Egypt, Ammon, Damascus, Erbil, and beyond to emphasize economic determinants of social order in a politically realistic way encouraging a three way relationship between Islam, Christianity and Judaism based upon the methodology of agreement about what is in the common interest including cultural preservation in the region and around the world.  Let’s fund cultural preservation, education, and the life essentials of food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare while we ensure the safety of each and every person with front line defense to keep the peace, rebuild, restore order and develop new opportunities and offer a well planned retreat from the region by land, sea and air in the event of conflict through the efforts of an expanded United Nations presence in the Middle East.

Position Issues

If I win, I will run for US President.

I will serve on the Science, Space and Technology and Education and Workforce Committees.  There, I will recreate manufacturing in all sectors including transportation into a continuous easy to manage system with a focus on just-in-time inventory, especially important in commodities trading which will increase the value of our agricultural base including warehousing in Evansville, our port to the world, ocean-going barges and overseas containers in a large common pool available anywhere on the river system with upgraded locks and dams in place,  aerospace including an expanded middle and small size fleet of aircraft and airports to increase transportation efficiency and expand economic reach, information technology manufacturing including hardware and software, and I will advocate for a spaceport in Indiana’s 9th Congressional District to process intercontinental materials handling including suborbital, stratospheric, low earth orbital and high earth orbital containers and Indiana will lead the way in developing new space technologies including horizontal launching into orbit, construction of an orbiting space platform and putting women on the moon.  Imagine middle school and high school students studying silicon chemistry and manufacturing computer chips, producing microprocessors in computer shop classes that teach gold soldering with micro tools, and creating software on-demand to ensure cyber security with a greenfield each and every day.  The systems they create will not only be completely clean on the inside but will be internally segmented with tightly packed nodes to detect unwanted lateral movement within and perimeter systems with dynamic codes and passwords, not static codes, will bar entry into the segmented interior where all the information will backed-up in a triplicated system that constantly encrypts itself and reprograms making lateral movement within the information virtually impossible.  We can do this.
Illegal immigration poses these special problems for workforce development: (1) if illegals suddenly become legal, they will compete for every entry level job in the big box stores, in transportation, manufacturing, IT, etc., (2) illegal workers indirectly degrade the value of pension systems because their labor input is unsupported by payment into the pension system plus the effect is compounded by the fact that they take a position away from a legal worker, (3) illegal workers often leave the country once they acquire valuable education, training and experience, (4) illegal immigration is fueling the opioid epidemic with abundant, cheap Mexican brown heroin.

The opioid epidemic has led the US Surgeon General to make the most recent recommendation since advising that alcohol can cause birth defects that narcan can reverse the deadly effects of heroin, fentanyl, prescription pain-killers and other opioid drugs like morphine by restoring breathing with increased diaphragm motion and saying that narcan should be kept close at hand.  The problem often begins with a prescription drug like oxycontin from a dentist, physician, nurse practitioneer, physician’s assistant, etc., and the person becomes dependent but their script cannot be renewed so they begin acquiring the pills from other people until they are spending way too much money so they buy a cap or hit of heroin on the street for $8.00.  The dealer will keep them coming back by adding a small amount of fentanyl to give it a kick but eventually he slips and adds too much and they overdose on fentanyl and heroin.  Early detection is critical so that narcan can be administered in time to keep them breathing.  Longer term treatment includes detox, medically supported withdrawal with behavioral modification training, methadone treatment daily to block the receptors that heroin binds to in the brain so that heroin cannot make them high, and needle exchange to prevent the spread of HIV and other viruses.  These interventions are all highly effective and very inexpensive.

Regarding the construction of a space port in the Ninth Congressional District in Indiana (IN-9), let me explain my proposal which I think will get serious consideration from the Science, Space, and Technology Committee where I intend to serve in the US House and will also get the strong support of both Indiana University students, staff and faculty plus the endorsement of Purdue University and its President Mitch Daniels along with the advocacy of Vice President Mike Pence along with many others at the federal, state and local government levels.  In fact, I would expect nearly unanimous support in a vote to ratify such a proposal by the United States House of Representatives.  The area near Medora in Jackson County is especially well suited for the purpose of constructing not only a space port where objects can land and other objects can be projected around the world both into orbit and suborbital but is also a good location for an aerospace industrial complex to produce America’s largest export product:  aircraft.  Medora has abundant fresh water to support a man made lake for the splash down of space objects and the launch and landing of amphibious aircraft and drones.  The Medora space port would therefore also be a drone port and international airport with air industries producing small and medium sized aircraft to stimulate midsize and small air commerce here and around the world where roads do not exist.  One of the flagships of Medora would be large medium sized cargo airship with vertical takeoff and landing capacity powered by two Cummins engines.  This flagship would be easily modified to carry passengers for both military and civilian purposes.  In addition, Medora would produce a twenty passenger amphibious aircraft capable of crossing high mountain ranges like the Rockies.  The space port would land cargo containers large enough to transport high value cultural objects like the holy Quran and would enjoy the support of the United Nations General Assembly and UNESCO.  The drone port would land and launch drones of all sizes including the full sized military size drone and its 1/3 mock up flown by NASA students at Purdue.  The international airport would process new and used aircraft for sale in the world’s largest inventory of aircraft sales and service and you might buy your next aircraft at Medora and process all the financing and paperwork onsite or just have your periodic maintenance done along with annual inspection.  This ambitious long term development project would further be of interest to developers of hotels, theme parks and other tourist related activities including real estate development near Medora to watch the take-offs and landings.

Some of my additional interests to be developed on the Science, Space and Technology Committee include biohemical science with genetics as a focus in order to create our national economy’s next major driver, informational technologies including communications satellites and computer hardware and software to provide cybersecurity in the public realm, medical science to include cures for viral diseases like AIDS, cures for cancer, and bioengineered materials like heart valves and blood vessels all through the National Institutes of Health, and manufacturing technology to make America a great place to learn to work again with great hourly wages and benefits like private pensions that are protected from unwanted changes.  Therefore, I also want to serve on the Education and Workforce Development Committee in the United States House of Representatives.

I am a substitute teacher and I have a pretty good idea of the national problems in education.  As a former medical professional, I advocate for the normal growth and development of young people according to standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics and beyond its present level of care with the development of new technologies and reapplication of old ones.  For example, we need to consider nutrition at the individual level and tailor each person’s food to educate their metabolism as the internal visceral organs develop to make consumption related disorders a thing of history and in the process, teach balanced nutrition so that micronutrients are present that promote neurochemistry that leads to healthy behavior.  Each person will interact with a program to select their food and measure progress.  In the longer term, neurochemical imbalance can be tested for and adjusted at every stage in life including normal growth and development of young people leading to more stable behavior without being a zombie from a one med/one dose fits all approach.  Multiple neurochemicals can simultaneously be adjusted at great distance with the proper set of standards, microprocessors to measure and new abilities to titrate the dosage of each added constituent in a standardized approach to even the toughest to treat conditions which may even overlap in the person.  This could also be a good approach to many medical applications including the treatment of  anxiety disorders and even continuing outpatient detox for addictions like heroin which is a problem compounded by the use of dirty needles and HIV transmission.  As we educate for normal growth and development, we can prevent most major diseases like heart disease, diabetes, alcohol abuse and addiction, and STDs including AIDS because all of these are consumption related disorders that are preventable illnesses in many cases with changes in consumption habits like the foods selected to eat.

Furthermore, I think that we need to increase enrollment in our postsecondary programs from certificate training, to associate’s degrees and all the way through professional education. To make that successful, we neet to build upon past successes and high schools are doing that now. In addition, preschools are teaching computer programming and skills to use the new software. Why not teach the periodic table of elements and subatomic particles like the alphabet and introduce the germ theory of disease and microscope to elementary school kids. Feulgen staining of chromosomal material and DNA might stand beside fingerpainting in first grade. This generation might experience biomedical engineering like the Boomers did outer space. Individualized opportunities will be created by the computer in the classroom as students select their coursework from an international body of informational assets that last for centuries. We need to pay our teachers more for becoming involved in this educational technology as edutech replaces teacher. We can create more demand for enrollment with incentives so if you want more educated citizens add more financial aid, student housing and stipends for expenses. Because most families push students out of the nest after the bachelor’s degree, increase funding beyond that to get more professional degree candidates like PhD and MD. Since some families push out of the nest earlier, make emancipation easier with transitional housing for youths, the unemployed, even seniors who benefit from down sized community living with in home caregiving. The concept housing would facilitate dispute resolution at all stages in human development and help stabilize family life so it’s a huge asset to society. It can not only be affordable but can create wealth as owner built kits generate sweat equity that helps communities expand with matching grants for waste water management and other public utilities. Mass transportation will facilitate access to education, health care, and jobs outside the community. Let’s educate to support an expanding global economy so include tolerance of diverse cultures and dispute resolution along with student government and promote civility along with domestic life.

I feel that our defense posture would be improved if our forces were less concentrated and that’s one reason why I want to become President. We can do that by using our troops to make our schools safer. They can police the entrances and patrol the school grounds. They can also help local law enforcement with domestic violence calls which are the biggest killer of police on duty. What officer wouldn’t like to have backup? Why not two soldiers per police vehicle? The soldiers can help with the drug trafficers, the illegal immigrants, and just about any call especially 911. Furthermore, troops can police the Mexican border in great enough numbers to stop the influx along with the Mexican heroin. And, let’s use our troops to build roads and bridges where nothing existed before opening up new opportunities for construction. Troops can also learn to build transitional housing and in the process learn how to build bases with hospitals and infrastructure like the commissary. Once the military is up to speed, it can begin building roads and bridges in Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Ecuador and anywhere that the drug cartels set up shop because we need to expand our war on drugs. Deployment is another great way to disperse troops, so let’s fight the terrorists where they live like Camaroon, Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Libya, Northern Iraq and Syria. Dispersed troops are not like shooting fish in a barrel which is what our force concentrations are like in the US. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense so let’s go on the offensive and improve our quality of life and safety. Military engineers will make nuclear energy safe with multiple cooling systems, divisible nuclear reactor cores with rapidly removable fuel rods all hundreds of feet underground and easily isolated from oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and human environments. And finally, our troops can begin to construct the largest engineering project in history to manage the polar and glacial ice melts and rising ocean levels. These fresh water pipes will take water from major rivers like the Missouri, Ohio, Mississippi, Amazon, Congo, Ganges, Euphrates and Tigris into deserts where grasses will hold the water to depths of upto nine feet below the surface. New civilization will be created and we will sequester enough water to offset the water added to our oceans by melting ice and snow. In the process, the grasses and legumes like soy beans and peanuts will produce renewable energy like ethanol and biodiesel and the highest per acre yield of oil may well come from the lowly sunflower and not a free flowing 2000 barrel a day gusher of petroleum. The only natural gas or LP that will be known will be taken from the atmosphere by plants using photons and the electron transport cascade of chloroplasts.